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About MUNIO: Self-Defense Tools Anyone Can Use

Meet MUNIO’s founders and learn about our growing community.


Phil Ventrello is a passionate advocate of self defense and a 5th degree black belt martial arts master. As a self-defense instructor, Phil found that many of his students had already been victimized by violent crime simply because they were unprepared to protect themselves. 


Determined to make a difference, he set to work on creating a
self-defense tool that seamlessly integrated aesthetic appeal with practical performance, combining his two passions — graphic design and martials arts — into one purpose. His vision: a tool anyone could carry anywhere and use easily to effectively disable an attacker. Thus the MUNIO self-defense keychain was born.


For years Michele Vorberger had been looking for a bigger purpose and a partner to share that purpose with. That search ended when she met Phil and he introduced her to MUNIO. With Michele’s perspective as a newcomer to martial arts, she’s committed to empowering MUNIO users with self-defense instruction that can be practiced in the real world by truly anyone.

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As part of our commitment to personal safety, MUNIO offers certification for self-defense professionals as well as self-defense training.


We are grateful for our growing community of MUNIO certified instructors comprised of martial artists, law enforcement officers, and military professionals. Together, we are achieving our mission of creating a safer world.


MUNIO is dedicated to Phil’s brother, Mike. He lost his life to cancer after a courageous fight, yet through his legacy, Mike continues to support MUNIO’s vision of a safer world every day. We pray that our contributions to public safety will honor his memory.