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The MUNIO Self Defense Mission:
Creating Safer Lives and Communities

Phil is a 6th degree black belt, and a passionate advocate of self defense. He's seen the ugly consequences of victimization firsthand.

"I've trained victims of rape and other criminal violence... but sadly, they reached out to me for help after they had already been hurt, and it really broke my heart." Over the years, he became more and more troubled by innocent people being victimized. "I wanted to make a bigger impact in the way I was helping people be able to protect themselves."


He envisioned a simple solution for anyone unwilling or unable to commit to the demands of traditional martial arts training. He analyzed the problems and weaknesses of other self defense options and products. By combining his professional skills as a martial artist and designer/illustrator, he created a practical, effective and stylish self defense keychain. He named it MUNIO which is Latin for "I protect" or "I defend" and fits perfectly with his mission.

"I was blessed to meet my partner, Michele, during the very early stages of MUNIO’s development. Talk about serendipity! We are fortunate to be a unique mixture of strengths and experience, and proud to be contributing to the safety of peoples’ lives around the world."


For years Michele had been searching for a bigger purpose, and someone to share that purpose with. Her search ended when she met Phil and he introduced her to the idea of MUNIO. Not only did she immediately and overwhelmingly support his vision, she became his partner and soulmate, and greatest and most powerful ally.


Michele also offers the advantage of a female perspective, as well as someone who has never had any martial arts/self defense training. She's committed to empowering MUNIO users with the self defense instruction that can be practiced in the real world by practically anyone.


"Our purpose goes beyond the surface. Surviving a violent assault leaves a traumatic mark on the victim, as well as their loved ones. Those lives are never the same. We're committed to preventing that damage, and it's what we love fighting for!"

As part of our commitment to personal safety, MUNIO offers certification for self-defense professionals as well as self-defense training.


We are grateful for our growing community of Certified MUNIO Instructors comprised of a mixture of martial artists, law enforcement officers, military professionals, and the like. Together, we are achieving our mission of creating a safer world.

Certified Instructor teaching MUNIO Self Defense Workshop in Africa

MUNIO is dedicated to Phil’s brother, Mike.

He lost his life after a courageous battle with cancer, yet through his legacy, Mike continues
to support MUNIO’s vision of a safer world
every day.

We pray that our contributions to public safety will honor his memory.

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