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MUNIO Self-Defense
Instructor Certification

Expand your self-defense program and empower the public and your students
with an EDC weapon and training they’ll
use with confidence.

       Our instructor certification kit includes the following,
       all delivered with FREE shipping:


  • Instructor manual and official certification

  • The complete collection of MUNIO safety keychains (96 total) in a wide array of popular designs

  • 20 “safe” training MUNIO keychains for participants to use for practice at workshops

  • 1 spinning display carousel for MUNIO keychains with a promotional header card

  • Customizable contact page that we create for you, which includes your credentials and contact information

  • Our “As Seen On TV” commercial video and “MUNIO Damage Potential” video, which demonstrates the strength and effectiveness of MUNIO safety keychains, available for download for promotional purposes

  • Promotional seasonal images for social media posting

  • Promotional and administrative materials to download for streamlining your marketing and administration efforts, including:

  • Promotional booklets for businesses and schools

  • Employee and student workshop booklets 

  • Editable MUNIO workshop flier, which can be customized to include your photos, logo, contact information, location, and workshop dates and times

  • MUNIO workshop registration sheets

  • Editable MUNIO workshop liability waiver

  • NEW! The MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Video
    (including your right to resell the video)

The Employee and Student Workshop Booklets provide the information needed to give to an administrator who is interested in you teaching a MUNIO Self Defense Workshop.

This also includes a customizable contact page that we create for you that includes your credentials and contact information.

Also included in your promotional materials is an editable* MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Flyer. You can customize the flyer to include your own photos, logo, contact information and times, dates and location of your event.

In addition, you also get MUNIO Workshop Registration Sheets and an editable* MUNIO Workshop Liability Waiver so you can include the name of your business, etc.

* Editable documents are available in Microsoft Word format

Get Started Today

Contact us to apply or for more information about becoming a Certified MUNIO Self-Defense Instructor.

Your instructor kit comes with everything you need to get MUNIO Self Defense Workshops running.
The kit includes customizable promotional materials, registration forms, liability waivers etc.

When you become a certified MUNIO instructor, you’re joining a community of passionate self-defense advocates. We are fully committed to your success as a MUNIO self-defense instructor, and our founders, Phil and Michele, are always here for you to answer any questions you may have.

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