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A great way to learn how to be prepared to fightback against an attacker and get away safely!  Cost: $25.00/person (Includes the MUNIO design of your choice)


The average person (particularly women who are most statistically in need of protection) is often reluctant to carry something for self defense that looks dangerous, or could wind up hurting themselves, or their kids. MUNIO overcomes those obstacles.

Additionally,  MUNIO's unique aesthetic appeal encourages more people to actually carry it in the event they need protection.

Incorporate MUNIO into your curriculum, include it with the price of your specialty classes, or just offer MUNIO for sale afterwards.  MUNIO can add revenue to your school, and it's unique appearance makes a conversation piece that others will talk about - including where they got it from!


Our dynamic one-hour MUNIO Self Defense Workshops™ are a great option for those who don’t want to, or can’t make the lengthy commitment to traditional martial arts.  MUNIO is not a substitute… but it is an effective self-defense tool that gives them a safety advantage they otherwise may not have.


Additionally, MUNIO Self Defense Workshops™ are a great bridge that can help acquire new students. The workshops alone can get new people into your dojo who may be interested in further self defense, or who have kids who would be interested in doing so.