A violent criminal attack can happen to ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
In fact, in the U.S. alone, someone is the victim of a violent assault
EVERY 35 SECONDS! You can be safer... with MUNIO!

MUNIO combines self defense with designer styling!

The name MUNIO comes from a Latin word meaning “I protect” or “I defend" and that’s exactly what it does. MUNIO empowers you to disable an attacker and escape safely.  It was carefully designed to look attractive and innocent, yet MUNIO is actually two effective weapons in one. Attach MUNIO to your keys, hold MUNIO as shown, and easily protect yourself by stabbing with the point, or swinging the keys and slashing!

The self defense capacity of MUNIO is a modern day adaptation of time-tested martial arts “impact” or “force multiplier” weapons such as the yawara, dan bong and more contemporary kubotan but improves on their capability with its effective whipping option.

MUNIO looks so awesome, you can carry it with you anywhere... and always have an immediate safety advantage!

•    Invented by a martial arts professional for anyone to use easily
•    So versatile and effective it even works against common surprise attacks from behind

•    Decorated with the inventor’s original artwork
•    Virtually unbreakable, solid polycarbonate construction

•    Small and ultra-lightweight
•    NO risk of electrical shock or chemical discharge
•    Legal in all states and air travel / TSA acceptable!
•    Made in America with a Lifetime Warranty

Check out all the cool designs!
Find the MUNIO that’s your style...
and get safer now!