The Effective Self Defense Weapon With Awesome Designer Style!

Attach MUNIO to your keys and empower yourself with an instant safety advantage!

MUNIO is the modern day adaptation of time-proven martial arts impact weapons... yet looks nothing like one! It was carefully designed to look attractive and innocent, yet MUNIO has real defensive power and can kick some serious criminal ass! When you attach MUNIO to your keys, you can easily protect yourself by stabbing with the point, or swinging the keys and slashing!

The name MUNIO comes from a Latin word meaning “I protect” or “I defend" and that’s exactly what it does. MUNIO empowers you to disable an attacker and escape safely. And, MUNIO looks so awesome, you can carry it with you anywhere... and will always have its safety advantage!

This video shows how to use MUNIO to defend yourself against a choke from behind

•    Virtually unbreakable, solid polycarbonate

•    Easy to use, small and ultra-lightweight
•    Decorated with custom artwork
•    NO risk of electrical shock or chemical

•    Legal in all states and air travel / TSA
•    Made in America with a Lifetime Warranty

Holding and Using MUNIO

MUNIO fits comfortably in the middle of your hand. Simply make a fist around it and allow the pointed tip to extend a small distance beyond the bottom of your hand. Let your keys dangle loosely from the other side.

This video shows how to hold and use MUNIO.

If an attacker grabs hold of your body, use the bottom tip and forcefully stab into them, repeatedly if necessary, until they let go. The point is particularly effective against the face and neck, or other bony, or muscular parts of the body. Most often, one good stab is enough to loosen their grip and start your escape. You can also powerfully drag with the point after your stab, which can really intensify the pain and tear the attacker's skin.

You can also swing your dangling keys (and any other attachments) and whip them across an attacker’s face, eyes, or any part of the body. This should be a fast, full power swing intended to slash and smash, and is equally effective.

Use MUNIO to strike your attacker with maximum force, speed and aggression, and repeat or combine either movement if necessary! One powerful strike should show your attacker you are no easy target, but don’t stop fighting back with MUNIO until you get the opportunity to escape.