Be safer and better prepared with MUNIO!

MUNIO is the revolutionary self defense keychain created by a martial arts instructor frustrated with the growing epidemic of violent crime, rape and victimization.  It is a brilliant evolution of martial arts weapons used throughout history for self defense, and empowers you with the ability to fight off an attacker and escape safely!

A vicious attack can happen to anyone,
anytime and anywhere…
you never know.

A real life attack is terrifying...

It’s fast, aggressive and right up close in your personal space.
To avoid becoming a victim you need to fight back instantly with all your power! If you don’t have self defense training, you really need an effective self defense product for your protection.

Most likely you won’t have the opportunity to know a criminal is going to attack you when he’s farther away, so your best self defense product needs to work up close. You also need to have it in your hands at the time of the attack because you won’t have time to dig through your purse or pockets for it. And it better work if you get attacked from behind… which is really common!

MUNIO is your very own personal bodyguard!

If you are being assaulted, you can instantly protect yourself with MUNIO by stabbing with the point, or whipping your keys. It's so easy and instinctive to use it requires no special training. If you can hammer a nail, and swat a fly, you can use MUNIO!

MUNIO is non-lethal, but will create considerable pain and disable your attacker so you can escape to safety. It's extraordinarily effective up close against an attacker and unlike other self defense products, you can easily stab forward and backward with MUNIO – so it even works against common surprise attacks from behind!

MUNIO - Spring Breeze

MUNIO’s innocent and attractive appearance makes it appealing to carry, and its shapely, ergonomic body fits comfortably in your hand. It's small, non-bulky and lightweight, yet made of a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. There are no legal restrictions so you can carry MUNIO with you anywhere, even through airport security! And with MUNIO, there will never be any risk of electrical shock or chemical discharge!

When you really consider the practical benefits MUNIO has, it's easy to see that MUNIO is your best choice for your personal safety.


What people are saying...

            “ One of the simplest yet effective self defense devices available.
               I endorse MUNIO to all of my self defense classes!”

           – Steve Smith     Ex-Special Forces Operative  |  Law Enforcement Officer  |  Self Defense Instructor

“I feel safer knowing I have MUNIO and can easily use it if I need to.”

                      – Connie B.

“I’m happy that I can protect myself with MUNIO without really knowing how to fight.”

                    – Jordan J.

“I don’t go anywhere without my MUNIO!
Great product!”

            – Patricia P.


Don't wait and risk the chance of becoming another horrible statistic!