Watch MUNIO in action
against simulated attacks!

The MUNIO Self Defense Keychain is a brilliant evolution of tools used throughout history for protection, and empowers you to fight off an attacker and escape!

•  Innocent and attractive appearance.
•  Easy to use... and effective!
•  Shapely, ergonomic body fits
comfortably in your hand.
•  Small, lightweight and non-bulky.
•  Virtually unbreakable material.
•  NO legal restrictions so you can carry MUNIO with you
    anywhere, even through airport security.
•  NO risk of electrical shock or chemical discharge.
•  Even works against common attacks from behind.

" tougher than Chuck Norris’s chin ..."
  Al Case, Monster Martial Arts     READ MORE

A leading healthcare facility in Pennsylvania supports the safety of its employees with MUNIO     READ MORE