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MUNIO self defense keychains are a simple, effective,
easy-to-use solution to protect yourself against an attacker.

You deserve to be safer

It's scary having to worry about your safety.

Don't become a statistic. You're destined for
so much more.

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"My daughter has to take the garbage out in the dark in an alley behind her work, and it's not the greatest area. She had to use it when someone grabbed her from behind. She says it saved her life."

–– Nancy H.

MUNIO is an EDC kubotan tool designed by a martial arts expert, and recommended by police, martial arts and military professionals worldwide.

MUNIO keychains uniquely combine personal safety with style, transforming an attractive keychain into an effective and versatile self protection asset.

You can defend yourself and disable an attacker by using the tip
for striking and/or whipping with your keys.

Meet MUNIO's founders and discover why MUNI0
is the easiest and most effective self defense tool for you


Committed to the mission of saving lives and making safer communities



Overcomes disadvantages and limitations
of other self defense products

Get real life protection for you and the people you care about


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MUNIO collection


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Simple Self Defense Moves Everyone Should Know
is a series of 10 videos that go over some basic self defense tips, and simple moves against a variety of common street attacks.

VIDEO 1: Basic Self Defense Concepts

VIDEO 2: Using Your Natural Weapons

VIDEO 3: Sensitive Targets on the Body

VIDEO 4: Front Choke

VIDEO 5: Wrist Grab

VIDEO 6: Front Bear Hug, Under Your Arms

VIDEO 7: Front Bear Hug, Over Your Arms

VIDEO 8: Rear Choke

VIDEO 9: Rear Bear Hug, Under Your Arms

VIDEO 10: Rear Bear Hug, Over Your Arms

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