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Instructor Certification

Expand your self-defense program and feel confident you're empowering your students with skills they'll never forget.


"We get participants from 13 years of age to 70+, and they’ve all commented on how much they like the course because of its brevity and content. The workshop outline is spot on and really helps deliver the class in a consistent and professional manner."

Gary Glemboski

Global Tactical Training Group, Savannah, GA

Our dynamic one-hour MUNIO Self Defense Workshops are a great option for those who
don’t want to or can’t make the lengthy commitment to traditional martial arts.

MUNIO is not a substitute… but it’s an effective self-defense tool that gives them a safety advantage they otherwise may not have.

Make a difference
for the everyday person

No one should ever have to become a victim. Give them the certainty they need to overcome the bad guys.

Empower them with a self defense tool they'll want to carry with them everywhere and will be able to use effectively
the moment they leave your class.


"I learned different attack scenarios I never would have thought of. I feel much more prepared now."

–– Mary B.


"I left the class feeling very comfortable with using MUNIO, and I feel much safer. I plan on carrying this everywhere!"

–– Chrissy A.


"Very informative and presented in a fun, memorable way. I hope I never need to use MUNIO, but I now feel safer."

–– Connie B.


"The demonstrations of how to defend myself with MUNIO were so easy to grasp! I feel more empowered now!"

–– Carol L.

Combining Phil's self defense background and Michele's lack of experience in the area, they created the MUNIO Self Defense Workshop to help the average person enhance their instinctive ability with MUNIO and give them the confidence that they can fight back effectively to protect themselves.

The founders of MUNIO Self Defense

MUNIO self-defense classes are a great gateway class for getting new students in the door and interested in taking more martial arts and self-defense classes.

With MUNIO self defense instructor certification, you're entitled to teach our MUNIO Self Defense Workshop as standalone self-defense classes or in tandem with your existing curriculum.

Your Certified MUNIO Self Defense Instructor Certification Kit

Your instructor kit comes with everything you need to get MUNIO Self Defense Workshops running.
The kit includes customizable promotional materials, registration forms, liability waivers, videos and more!

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New! MUNIO Self Defense
Workshop Video

Your certification also includes full reselling rights to our newly produced MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Video! Whether you sell the MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Video as a digital product for downloading or streaming, or as a physical product on a flashdrive or DVD, it's great for:


  • Those who don't have the time to make it to one of your live MUNIO workshops

  • People still worried about in-person training due to COVID

  • Your attendees who would like to go home with a reference to what they learned at your live MUNIO workshop

There are no fees or royalties. All profit is yours.

MUNIO Instructor Certification is limited to the following qualified individuals, and verification is required:


Candidates with a Black Belt (or its equivalent) in any style martial art

Candidates with self defense training from a law enforcement, military, safety/security or related background

Candidates with related skills. Eligibility for this category requires special approval

When you become a certified MUNIO instructor, you’re joining a community of passionate self-defense advocates. We're fully committed to your success as a MUNIO self-defense instructor, and are always here for you to answer any questions you may have.


Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with links to (1) The MUNIO Certified Instructor Information Sheet, which gives you the details of all that you get with your MUNIO certification, including a breakdown of pricing and (2) The Certified Instructor Manual Extract, to help you understand the concept and principles of our curriculum structure.


Should you choose to move forward, we will reach out to you to schedule your certification appointment with Phil and Michele via Zoom. This takes about one hour.


After your certification appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email with your access links to the entire Certified MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Instructor Manual, as well as the promotional materials.


Your Certified Instructor Kit will be shipped out the same day that you complete your certification appointment, or the following business day, depending on the time of your appointment.


Complete your  certification


How it Works


Submit your application

Make a difference
with MUNIO!

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