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Expand your self-defense program and empower the
public and your students with an EDC weapon and

training they’ll use with confidence.


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MUNIO Self-Defense


With MUNIO self defense instructor certification, you can teach our branded MUNIO Self-Defense Workshop as standalone self-defense classes or in tandem with your existing curriculum.


  • Expand your self-defense program: MUNIO self-defense classes are a great gateway class for getting new students in the door and interested in taking more martial arts and self-defense classes.

  • Teach real-life self-defense skills: With MUNIO self-defense classes, you can feel confident you’re empowering your students with skills they’ll never forget.

  • Arm your students with an EDC weapon they’ll actually carry: Unlike leading self-defense tools like the kubaton or kubaton keychain, the MUNIO safety keychain is simple, chic, and travel-friendly. It’s also legal in all states and doesn’t look like a weapon.

  • Get self-defense certification online: There’s no need to travel — the MUNIO certification process can be conducted via a video conferencing platform and takes about an hour to complete.

Rave Reviews from the Pros

MUNIO safety keychains are endorsed by police, martial arts, and military professionals worldwide, recommended by the NRA’s Refuse to Be A Victim Program, and incorporated into self defense curriculums of all kinds.

"We get participants from 13 years of age to 70+, and they’ve all commented on how much they like the course because of its brevity and content. The workshop outline is spot on and really helps deliver the class in a consistent and professional manner."

Gary Glemboski

Director: Global Tactical Training Group
•  9th Degree black belt
•  U.S. military veteran
•  SWAT officer with 43 years of Law Enforcement experience
•  Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist
•  Certified MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Instructor


Watch the MUNIO Self-Defense Workshop In Action

MUNIO Instructor Certification is limited to the following qualified individuals, and verification is required:


CATEGORY 1  :   A Black Belt (or its equivalent) in any style martial art

CATEGORY 2  :   Candidates having self defense training from a law enforcement, military, safety/security or related background

CATEGORY 3  :   Candidates with related skills. Eligibility for this category requires special approval

What’s Included in Our Self-Defense Instructor Certification Kit

When you become a certified MUNIO instructor, you’re joining a community of passionate self-defense advocates. We are fully committed to your success as a MUNIO self-defense instructor, and our founders, Phil and Michele, are always here for you to answer any questions you may have.


       Our instructor certification kit includes the following,
       all delivered with FREE shipping:


  • Instructor manual and official certification

  • The complete collection of MUNIO safety keychains (96 total) in a wide array of popular designs

  • 20 “safe” training MUNIO keychains for participants to use for practice at workshops

  • 1 spinning display carousel for MUNIO keychains with a promotional header card

  • Customizable contact page that we create for you, which includes your credentials and contact information

  • Our “As Seen On TV” commercial video and “MUNIO Damage Potential” video, which demonstrates the strength and effectiveness of MUNIO safety keychains, available for download for promotional purposes

  • Promotional seasonal images for social media posting

  • Promotional and administrative materials to download for streamlining your marketing and administration efforts, including:

  • Promotional booklets for businesses and schools

  • Employee and student workshop booklets 

  • Editable MUNIO workshop flier, which can be customized to include your photos, logo, contact information, location, and workshop dates and times

  • MUNIO workshop registration sheets

  • Editable MUNIO workshop liability waiver

  • NEW! The MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Video
    (including your right to resell the video)


The Employee and Student Workshop Booklets provide the information needed to give to an administrator who is interested in you teaching a MUNIO Self Defense Workshop.

This also includes a customizable contact page that we create for you that includes your credentials and contact information.


Also included in your promotional materials is an editable* MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Flyer. You can customize the flyer to include your own photos, logo, contact information and times, dates and location of your event.

In addition, you also get MUNIO Workshop Registration Sheets and an editable* MUNIO Workshop Liability Waiver so you can include the name of your business, etc.

* Editable documents are available in Microsoft Word format

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New! MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Video

Now you can get our newly produced MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Video with full reselling rights!

Whether you sell the MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Video as a Digital product for downloading or streaming, or as Physical product on a flashdrive or DVD, it's a great alternative for:


•  those who don't have the time to make it to one of your live MUNIO workshops

•  people still worried about in-person training due to COVID

•  your attendees who would like to go home with a reference to what they learned at your live MUNIO workshop

There are no fees or royalties. All the profit is yours. :)

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