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Simple Self Defense Moves Everyone Should Know
is a series of 10 videos that go over some basic self defense tips, and simple moves against a variety of common street attacks.

VIDEO 1: Basic Self Defense Concepts

VIDEO 2: Using Your Natural Weapons

VIDEO 3: Sensitive Targets on the Body

VIDEO 4: Choke From the Front

VIDEO 5: Wrist Grab

VIDEO 6: Bear Hug from the Front, Under Your Arms

VIDEO 7: Bear Hug from the Front, Over Your Arms

VIDEO 8: Choke from Behind

VIDEO 9: Bear Hug from Behind, Under Your Arms

VIDEO 10: Bear Hug from Behind, Over Your Arms

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MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Video

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Our digital workshop goes over everything in our live workshop, but once you buy the video, it's yours forever, so you can refer to it whenever you want, whether it's refreshing your skills, or sharing with others!


  • Get life saving safety tips that you may not be aware of.

  • Take your instinctive ability to a higher level with MUNIO.

  • Discover 6 of the most common street attacks, and learn simple and effective moves you can easily use with MUNIO to disable an attacker and give yourself the opportunity to escape.

  • Gain more confidence for greater peace of mind!