Self-Defense Classes
Designed for Real Life

Learn how to effectively disable an attacker in a fun, one-hour class using MUNIO, the leading defense keychain.


In the event of an attack, you only have a few moments to prevent an assailant from overwhelming you. The MUNIO protection keychain allows you to react quickly so you can escape unharmed. Learn how to use this effective tool in one of our hands-on workshops.


  • Only one hour: In just sixty minutes you'll enjoy a safe and fun experience that combines self-defense education with hands-on practice. 

  • Learn simple, real-life self-defense skills: Unlike other self-defense workshops, MUNIO self-defense classes are designed to teach you simple, practical techniques you’ll never forget.

  • Gain confidence using your MUNIO protection keychain in simulated common street attacks.

  • Arm yourself with an everyday carry weapon you’ll actually carry: Unlike leading self-defense tools like the kubaton or kubaton keychain, the MUNIO safety keychain is simple, chic, and travel-friendly. It’s also legal in all states and doesn’t look like a weapon.

  • Bring your friends along: The MUNIO Self Defense Class makes for a great shared experience. Bring friends and loved ones of all ages for some fun.

Watch the MUNIO Self-Defense Class In Action

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Now Available: MUNIO Online
Self-Defense Class

We’re excited to announce that the MUNIO self-defense online self-defense class is now available. You’ll learn practical techniques for the most common street attacks from MUNIO’s founders, Master Phil Ventrello and Michele Vorberger. 


For best results, we recommend watching this video with a friend or loved one so you can practice the techniques with each other.


Expand your self-defense program and empower your students with an EDC weapon they’ll use and training they’ll never forget.


With MUNIO self defense instructor certification, you can teach
our branded MUNIO Self-Defense Workshop as standalone
self-defense classes or in tandem with your existing curriculum.

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Looking for the perfect corporate team building activity?
Improve employee safety and bring your team closer together
with our MUNIO self-defense corporate workshop.

Did you know college-aged women are actually 4 times more likely to become victims of sexual assault? Help your students learn how to protect themselves and give parents peace of mind by holding a MUNIO Self-Defense Class right on campus.


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MUNIO (moon-yo) comes from the Latin word for protection and means “I protect” or “I defend.”


MUNIO was designed by a self defense expert to overcome the disadvantages of other self-defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, monkey fists, tactical pens, and kubatons.  MUNIO self-defense keychains empower you to disable an attacker by striking with the point or whipping your keys, allowing you to escape safely.

MUNIO safety keychains are endorsed by police, martial arts, and military professionals worldwide, and incorporated into
self defense curriculums of all kinds.


MUNIO certified self-defense instructors teach our popular workshops throughout the country and world. Fill out the form below and we’ll connect you to a workshop near you.

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