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Best Self-Defense Keychains: Pros and Cons

Updated: Feb 8

Thankfully, most people will never know what it’s like to fight for their life. But if you or someone you love has ever experienced an assault, home invasion, or other terrifying incident, you already know that the moment of attack is not when you want to be thinking about self-defense options for the very first time.

That’s where self-defense keychains come in. Successful self-defense is all about planning and preparation. If you invest in the right tool, you’ve already taken a big step toward ensuring your personal safety.

The best self-defense keychains don’t require a lot of training, and they can only be enhanced by it. These weapons go by tons of names, both branded (like Kubotan or MUNIO) and generic (like kubatons).

Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of the different types of self-defense keychains out there, so you can make sure you invest in the right one for your needs.

Kubaton Keychain

Also known as a kubaton in its genericized version, the Kubotan is a name-brand self-defense keychain that originated in the 1960s. Learn more about the Kubotan.


  • Effective against a variety of attacks, from both in front and behind

  • Can be used as a flail for striking at an extended range by whipping your keys

  • Can be used in joint lock and pressure point submissions (by those who are trained properly)

  • Safer around small children (depending on the design) compared to other leading self-defense tools

  • Generally considered non-lethal


  • As it was originally designed for use by law enforcement, training is often necessary to use the Kubotan to its fullest potential

  • Not legal in all states

  • May not be allowed in all public settings, such as sporting arenas or airplanes

Resin Self-Defense Keychain

Resin keychains are impact weapons made out of resin material oftentimes by DIY-ers.


  • Can be effective against a variety of attacks, depending on the mold used, quality of resin, skill of the maker, and shape

  • Can be personalized, customized, and made more aesthetically pleasing or unique


  • The edges may be sharp and therefore less convenient for everyday carry and less comfortable to hold, making it hard to handle or even unsafe if you actually need to use it

  • Questionable durability and longevity due to the weaker resin material

  • May not be allowed in public venues or legal in all states (depending on th