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What I love most about my MUNIO is that it’s so simple. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of self-defense weapons.  First I tried pepper spray, then I carried a stun gun in my purse, then I used kubotans. The one I’ve had the longest is my MUNIO.  I can take it on an airplane, through metal detectors, to school. I can take it anywhere.    – S.R.

The Leading Keychain Self Defense Solution

In the event of an attack, you only have a few moments to prevent an assailant from overwhelming you.
The MUNIO self-defense keychain allows you to react quickly so you can escape unharmed.


According to research, forceful physical resistance is an extremely successful strategy to prevent rape. In fact, a woman who fights back aggressively gains an 86% chance of avoiding rape and incurs little chance of additional injury. 

MUNIO (moon-yo) comes from the Latin word for protection and means “I protect” or “I defend.” MUNIO self-defense keychains empower you to disable an attacker by striking with the point or whipping your keys, allowing you to escape safely.

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MUNIO self defense keychains were designed by a martial arts expert. They’re endorsed by police, martial arts, and military professionals worldwide, and incorporated into self defense curriculums of all kinds.

MUNIO is legal in all states and doesn’t look like a weapon, which means you can bring your MUNIO EDC self defense keychain anywhere — to a concert, football game, school, or even on an airplane! It’s not bulky and fits easily in your hand, purse, or pocket. You can also customize your MUNIO with your own company or organization's logo or artwork.


MUNIO is made of the same strong, lightweight ABS plastic used for sports and tactical safety headgear and has been impact and strength–tested on numerous materials. We are so confident in MUNIO’s strength and durability that it comes with a lifetime warranty. MUNIO is decorated on both sides with designer artwork professionally printed with an industrial UV printer using a full-color plus clear gloss ink mixture making it scratch and wear resistant. All of its components have been
lab tested and meet the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) guidelines to ensure that MUNIO is safe around small children.

In the event of an attack, nearly anyone can use MUNIO.


Using MUNIO effectively is really based on two simple, practical considerations. Any user, at whatever age, should have: 1) the basic maturity to use MUNIO responsibly and 2) the basic physical ability to use MUNIO properly with force. We always recommend using appropriate parental or personal discretion.

MUNIO is also more practical to use compared to leading self-defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, and kubotans.

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Build more confidence with a free training on how to defend yourself with MUNIO self defense keychains. Download our fully illustrated eBook, a practical guide to personal safety with tips on how to use your MUNIO to protect yourself against a variety
of common street threats. You also get complimentary access
to our Personal Safety Video Series
for even more simple and effective self-defense moves, with and without MUNIO.

MUNIO was designed by a self defense expert to overcome the disadvantages of other self defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, monkey fists, tactical pens, and kubotans.


  • Get more defensive versatility so you can protect yourself against a variety of criminal attacks, including often overlooked but common surprise attacks from behind.

  • Avoid accidentally spraying yourself with pepper spray
    or shocking yourself with a stun gun. No need to worry about mechanical failure, wind, or shelf life. 

  • Looking for a kubotan keychain? MUNIO is a more practical and stylish alternative that doesn’t classify as
    a weapon so you can bring it with you anywhere.

  • Don’t risk your life on the hope that a personal alarm or whistle will scare off an attacker or alert help in time.

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When comparing important factors, MUNIO is the consistent leader across the board

Looking for a customizable self-defense keychain for your organization?

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Are you a self defense instructor? Learn more about MUNIO keychain self defense.

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