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Real Life Protection

Criminal attacks most often surprise you up close in yourface, or even from behind you... not 10 to 20 feet away.

Don’t assume you can stand back at a distance and pepper spray a threat away, or just scare them off with an alarm.

The MUNIO Self Defense Keychain gives you effective easy-to-use protection when it
really matters.

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MUNIO was invented by a self-defense expert to overcome the disadvantages and limitations of other self defense products.

MUNIO is endorsed by Police, Martial Arts and Military professionals worldwide, and used in their self defense training and education classes.

Recommended by the NRA’s
Refuse To Be A Victim program.

Use MUNIO to protect yourself against a variety of criminal attacks, including common surprise attacks from behind by striking with the point and/or whipping with your keys.

FYI – This video shows Michele's very first time using MUNIO... and she kicked ASS!

Tough and Durable

The MUNIO Self Defense Keychain is made of the same strong, lightweight ABS thermoplastic used for sports and tactical safety headgear.

Watch the video to see MUNIO's
damage potential!

Advanced Decorating Process

MUNIO's designer artwork is fused to its strong ABS thermoplastic body, making it scratch and wear resistant.


The attractive design you love will last for years without fading or falling off!

" What I love most about my MUNIO is that it’s so simple.
Over the years I’ve tried a lot of self-defense weapons. First I tried pepper spray, then I carried a stun gun in my purse, then
I used kubotans. The one I’ve had the longest is my MUNIO.
I can take
it on an airplane, through metal detectors, to school.
I can take
it anywhere."    
– S.R.

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MUNIO is legal in all states and doesn’t classify as a weapon, which means you can openly carry your MUNIO self defense keychain and bring it anywhere you go — to a concert, football game, school, or even on an airplane!

With the MUNIO Self Defense Keychain, there's no need to worry about accidentally spraying yourself or others with pepper spray, or shocking yourself with a stun gun. Plus, no need to worry about mechanical failure, wind, or shelf life.

MUNIO has also been lab-tested and meets the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) guidelines making it safer around small children!

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Our fully illustrated E-book is a practical guide
to personal safety with tips on how to use your MUNIO Self Defense Keychain to protect yourself against a variety of common street threats. This special bonus is only available here!

Once you place your order you'll receive an email with the link to download your free E-Book.

How MUNIO Compares

When comparing important factors, MUNIO is the consistent leader across the board

Are you a self defense instructor? Learn more about MUNIO keychain self defense.


MUNIO Self Defense Certification

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